Seeking Guidance: Contribution Guide for GSoC’24 Applicants

Hello Jenkins Community,
I trust this message finds you all well. My title is Shivajee, and I’m wandering into the world of open source for the primary time. As a second-year computer science building understudy energetically looking forward to partaking in GSoC’24, I am coming to out to look for direction from experienced guides like you.
I am especially inquisitive about contributing to Jenkins and have the desire to form a Commitment Direct custom-made particularly for GSoC’24 candidates. Be that as it may, being modern to the open-source scene, I might utilize a few help in kickstarting my journey. I as of late utilized Jenkins to construct a few pipelines for learning purposes related to DevOps.
If you’ve got any experiences, tips, or exhortation on how to start my commitments to Jenkins, proposals for beginner-friendly ventures, or any assets that seem help me in understanding the commitment handle, I would be fantastically grateful.
I need that, independent of whether Jenkins gets chosen for GSoC or not, I am committed to making commitments to this community. I accept this would serve as a portal for me to ended up an necessarily portion of the worldwide open-source community.
I get it the centrality of GSoC and the significant affect it can have on one’s learning travel. I am energetic to form important commitments to the Jenkins community, and your mentorship would cruel a part to me, without a doubt contributing to my development as an yearning open-source contributor.
strong textThank you for taking the time to studied my message, and I see forward to interfacing with you all.
Best regards,

Hello @shivajee, and welcome to this community. :wave:

There are lots of different ways to contribute to Jenkins. You should find a few ideas there: Participate and Contribute.
There’s also a good first-issue list on the same site that brings up a list of nice-to-have issues.

Experimenting with Jenkins would help to understand the product too.
You could give a chance to Build a Java app with Maven and GitHub - jenkins-docs/quickstart-tutorials: Jenkins tutorial files.