Contribution Guide for GSoC'24 applicants

Hi There! I am Senthil Athiban, a final-year student of Automobile Engineering. For the past few months, I have been learning DevOps concepts and tools. Thereby, I got to know about Jenkins. Did some basic projects using Jenkins like testing, building, and deploying a web application. Not having so much knowledge of Jenkins, as a beginner learned how to use Jenkins as a CI/CD tool. Currently, I’m looking forward to contributing to the Jenkins Project. So, far I have learned BackEnd Frameworks like Node.js, and Express.js. Had some experience with it for the past 1 year. Participated in GirsScript Summer of Code as an open-source contributor and contributed as a Full-Stack Developer, it was a 3-month journey. Java is my favorite programming language because it is my first programming language for Coding. Now am looking for mentorship to kickstart my open-source contribution to Jenkins. It would be helpful for me to get into contribution. As of now, I have been going through the documentation and contribution guidelines. If anyone suggests some tasks or guidelines, I would love to hear them. Thank you in advance.

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Hi @senthil-k8s Welcome to the Jenkins community! We are glad you are interested in contributing to our projects and most importantly GSoC. The best way to prepare may be to participate in the upcoming Hacktoberfest that will take place in October 2023: Registration for that will open on September 26th. So look out for that. We do not have a list of potential project ideas for GSoC 2024 yet if there will be another incarnation of GSoC next year. But meanwhile feel free to explore our ecosystem via the documentation at, as well as the contributing guides as the various project repos if there is one. If you have any questions, you could try various channels, including but not limited to our GSoC Gitter channel.

Thank you @krisstern. Am just focusing on documentation page, and contributing guidelines. Looking forward to participate in hacktoberfest to contribute our Jenkins project with all your support and mentorship.

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Welcome to this community @senthil-k8s. :wave:

You may also peek at various SIG meetings (recordings or live) to see if one aspect of Jenkins resonates more with you than the others.

Hi everyone I am Pushpit Kamboj, and I am eager to contribute to Jenkins for GSoC 2024. DevOps tools have always fascinated me, and Jenkins, with its pivotal role, is where I want to make an impact.Excited about the chance to work with Jenkins, I look forward to discussing potential projects and understanding the community’s needs.
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Welcome, @pushpitkamboj :wave: .