Google Summer of Code 2024

Hello there,
My name is Huda Saleem. I am a Software Engineer for over 2 Years. I am proficient in JavaScript, Java, Go Programming Languages. I came to know about Google Summer of Code and saw Jenkins listed in Mentoring Organizations on the GSOC Website.

I am new to Open Source World and I am Super Excited to Contribute to Jenkins. I need your guidance from where should I start and I would really appreciate If you let me know about the projects from where I can start my contributions now. I am Super Excited to Contribute to the Projects.

Kind Regards,
Huda Saleem

Hello @hudasaleem, and welcome to this community. :wave:

Participate and Contribute provides various ways to contribute to the Jenkins project.
Many of these opportunities will not only assist the Jenkins project but also contribute to your personal learning and growth.
Select an area that interests you and start contributing!