New To Jenkins and Open Source

Hi Everyone ! I’m Nitin its nice to meet you all. I would like to get insight on how to submit a proposal for GSOC. This is my first time trying to contribute to open source, so this is all new to me. I came across Jenkins Project Idea to Automate Screenshot and it greatly reflects to what i like to do, which is automate things. I’ve been automating things for about a year from a trusty calculator of my own, to making my own sudoku solver.

I would love to get information about to move forward to applying to the project idea and also how this contributing to open source works thanks!

Hi @NSMathpati Maybe it is already too late for you to start this year. The application is closing on April 4th UTC.

Ohh yes, I’ve noticed that while signing up. I was under the impression that there is one day remaining before the application deadline, allowing me to develop a strong proposal and apply before the deadline. Any little help would be much appreciated.

To be honest we do not only consider the proposal as a basis of ranking each application. Given only one day left you will not be able to develop your proposal fully while engaging with the community.

That’s a shame. Nonetheless, I appreciate your assistance Thanks !

i was also looking for contributing but look like have no more time available is their any way for me to contribute like open source , is jenkins going to participate in outreachy mentorship

Hye , i am new to open source can you guys guide me or point out to some resources to start my contribution to Jenkins , i have only worked with docker , kubernetes and jenkins

There are no plans for the Jenkins project to participate in Outreachy mentorship at this time.