Jenkins in GSoC 2023: Mentors, org admins, project ideas wanted!

Hi Everyone,

We are back at it again! Jenkins in GSoC 2023 discussion is now open. We had a fantastic run of GSoC 2022, we are now excited to begin GSoC 2023 preparations. This program isn’t possible without volunteers, we are looking for:

About Google Summer of Code (GSoC):

GSoC is a mentorship program focused on welcoming new contributors into the community and helping them learn best practices that will help them be long term OSS contributors.

GSoC is an annual, global program that has been for college students. In 2022 GSoC is expanding its program to encourage all newcomers of open source that are 18 years and older. The program does not solely focus on university students or recent graduates.

Google has not released their GSoC 2023 program timeline yet but we can suspect it’ll be similar to GSoC 2022 timeline in case this helps in your planning purposes.



I would like to mentor again!


I’d like to mentor again as well.

I’m also quite interested in the project idea that @basil had suggested for automated updates of plugin build metadata. See the following page for his idea

The list that is included in that project idea is a very nice extension of the much shorter list that is included in the “Improve a Plugin” developer tutorial at

I think there is a lot of potential in that project idea, though it will need much more investigation and exploration by Google Summer of Code candidates before they could create a project proposal.

One idea suggested as an implementation technology is OpenRewrite. I believe that we’ve seen at least one case where someone used OpenRewrite to submit a change to a Jenkins plugin.


I would love to be org admin and mentor again


@MarkEWaite I would really love to be a co-mentor for the automated updates of plugin build metadata project. I can draft a prosoal for it (or with you) with you don’t mind.

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Thank you Kris, We are thrilled to have you as org admin & mentor again


Hi Alyssa,

As already discussed off-line, I’d love to participate again as an Org Admin for GSoC 2023.

/- Jmm

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Even if I don’t know anything about GSoC admin yet, I want to learn.
Could you please add me as an admin wanabee?


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