Stepping forward as Mentor for GSoC-2023


During the last couple of weeks, several people stepped forward as mentors. We thank you warmly for this.

I order to be sure that I didn’t lose anyone’s contact information, could you please send me a mail ( with:

  • your name
  • your time zone
  • the project or projects you are willing to mentor
  • your contact email
  • whether your email should be kept private or can appear in some semi-public lists

Please remember that a mentor specific online meeting will be held this Thursday at 16:00 UTC

/- Jmm


@ssbostan, could you contact me through the above mail?

/- Jmm

Hi Jean,

Hope you are doing well.

It’s ssbostan

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Hello and welcome, Ibrahim.

As it is the first time that you posted here, could you tell us a little more of who you are. What is your experience in Jenkins development and as a community member? What are your interests?

You are volunteering as a mentor. Can you be more explicit on what project ideas you would be able to mentor (or help mentor). See GSoC 2023 Project Ideas for the current list.

Did you watch the recording of the Mentor meeting (Jenkins in GSoC 2023: Mentor Round - YouTube)? You will have a much better idea how we will tackle the GSoC2023 mentoring.

Don’t hesitate to reach out to me or other Org Admins if you want to discuss this or clarify some doubts.


/- Jmm
(GSoC Org Admin)


I’m Bervianto Leo Pratama. I hope still on the list.

I’m interested in Docker-based Jenkins quickstart examples.

I’m sorry that I can’t join the previous online meeting. It’s hard for me to catch up because I’m at UTC+7. I hope I can still contribute to GSoC.

Hi Bervianto,

It is much appreciated that you double check.

You are still on the list :smiley: and you are noted as potential mentor for the Docker-based Jenkins quickstart project idea. :+1:

Did you receive my mail with the invitation and, later, with the link to the meeting recording ? (You were, like other mentor candidate, in BCC to avoid disclosing your email without approval). Listening to recording is OK.

I will do a doodle with all mentors to have a couple of suitable time slots for when we want to meet.

If you have questions about the content of the meeting (Mentor roundup), don’t hesitate to reach out.

/- Jmm

Yes, I did. I watched the meeting recording.

I don’t have any questions regarding the content of the meeting.

I’m wondering what should I do if some people contact me personally regarding the project idea. I guess I will redirect them to this forum.


I do the same as you, Bervianto: I redirect them to a public channel and explain kindly why.

/- Jmm