Message to Jenkins GSoC 2023 mentors

(cross post)

Dear GSoC mentors,

As you might have seen in other communications, we are now reaching the first important milestone: we are submitting our official application as a GSoC organisation. We will know whether we can continue on the GSoC 2023 adventure on February 22th.

While we are waiting for Google’s decision, we continue to get prepared for the next important phase: helping the students/contributors to build a strong proposal on one of our project ideas. See the latest blog post ("On your marks, get set, ...") for the details of these next phases.

We have the following suggestions for preparing on your side:

  • Reach out to the fellow mentors that volunteered on your project idea(s). An online meeting could help to break the ice.
  • Make sure that you have a common and aligned understanding of the subject, the problem to solve, and the various possible solutions.
  • Work out a plan to make sure that all mentors have or will have acquired the necessary skills and knowledge for the project idea (as some volunteered on several projects or might be rusty).
  • Take any necessary actions to get the project ready (ex code update,, etc) for an easy and efficient entry by the students/contributors.
  • Work on a plan to onboard and coach students/contributors to have a good grip of the project and the underlying code/technology.
    • Review and eventually update the project idea page’s issue list that serve as an introduction to the subject.
    • Guide, help, and review the preparation work done by the students/contributors. The GSoC Gitter channel is quite active lately.
  • Prepare a 10-minute (+5 min Q&A) presentation of the project idea for one of the two first office hours sessions (after Feb 22).

If you want to withdraw your proposal to be a GSoC 2023 mentor, please let us know. And remember it is perfectly OK.
And you can still help by answering the many student/contributor’s general questions, by reviewing their pull requests, and by reviewing their draft proposals.

Don’t hesitate to reach out to the Org Admin Team if you have any doubts or questions, or want to discuss a particular point.

/- Jmm

Jean-Marc Meessen
For the Jenkins GSoC Org Admin Team