Jenkins GSoC 2022: Contributors Needed for GSoC Inquiries

Jenkins GSoC is currently in an active period of proactive GSoC contributors reaching out to ask questions about project ideas and Jenkins in general. Feedback will help potential participants craft their project proposals. We invite all mentors and even community members to assist with the inquiries on GSoC Gitter. If you didn’t sign up as GSoC mentor we could still use the help. Thank you!

We expect proposals from potential participants will be shared shortly, critique and feedback for the proposals will be needed as well.

Important upcoming dates for mentors

April 4: GSoC contributor application period begins

April 19: GSoC contributor application deadline

April 19 - May 12: Review all submitted GSoc proposals

May 12: Proposal ranking deadline

Hi Jenkins GSoC 2022 potential mentors,

First of all, Thank you for stepping up to be a mentor. Your contributions are greatly appreciated.

As potential GSoC participants gear up to assemble their best possible case (their application), they have already begun the discussions and explorations on the GSoC Gitter channel. The discussions are quite active at the moment, and we are in great need of your participation to help respond to the questions/inquiries. This is also a great time to get to know potential participants as you will be helping to rank their applications soon. Here’s how you could help now:

  • Join GSoC Gitter discussions. Feel free to jump in to coach - provide pointers to useful documentation, code reviews, review their PR(s), provide feedback, clarification, help them prepare a quality proposal, etc.

What to expect next. The next step will be proposal ranking, eta after April 19, 2022. Expect ~ 5 hrs total, plus continuous interaction with potential GSoC contributors, until the community bonding starts.

Thank you again for your contributions,

Alyssa, Kris, and Jean-Marc (Jenkins GSoC org admins)