Jenkins GSoC 2023: Office Hours

Attendees: Jean-Marc Meessen, Kris Stern, Bruno Verachten, Alyssa Tong, Kevin Martens, Adrien Lecharpentier, Jake Leon, Harsh Gupta, Harsh Sharma, Nethra, Lakshmi Shree A, Kunal Singh, Dheeraj Singh Johna, Pratham, Sayantan Mondal, Harsh Pratap Singh, Bervianto Leo Pratama, Shreya Bhagat, Sameer Goyal, Rohit Naidu, Pulkit Chugh, Saarthak Maini, Hrithik Goswani, Loghi Perinpanayagam, Abhishek Rana, Prince Panwar, Ashutosh Saxena, Giridharan, Xinrui Jiang,

Agenda & Notes:

  • Purpose of the Office Hours
  • Statement of expectations of GSoC applications
    • Out of principle of fairness, no private conversation is allowed prior to the acceptance of proposals by Google
    • All activities will be public, including the proposal reviewing process (which may take the newcomers spending some time to get used to)
    • We expect applicants to have done at least one pull request for their proposal to be considered since this demonstrate basic knowledge of git and also domain knowledge of the relevant tech stack involved, and also show what they have done
  • Presentations
  • Recommendations
    • Timeline:
      • Start Date: March 20 (UTC)
      • Proposal Deadline: April 4 (UTC)
      • Selection Results: May 4 (UTC)
    • Work on your proposal as soon as possible
      • Make it visible and ask for review by community

      • Do it as quickly as possible by becoming a user of the software and its ecosystem:

        1. Get to know the basic concepts essential to the operation of Jenkins as an automation server
        2. Read the relevant documentation
        3. Get to know also the functional aspect of Jenkins
        4. Experiment with the codebase
        • Try and get it running
        • Then add print statements at various strategic locations to test against expected behavior
        • Study the unit and integration tests, which often reveals insights about operation of the application, tool, plugin, service, etc.
    • Warning about meeting time (due to winter time change)
  • Project review and ressources
    • Mentors and org admins will be the primary reviewers of contributor proposals
    • The review process will be public and completely transparent
    • Recommend creating Google Docs on the cloud for the purpose of review
      • Make link available either on Discourse at or on Gitter “jenkinsci/gsoc-sig” channel, but the former is preferred as more “persistent” since Gitter messages can often drown out older posts including proposals posted for review.
      • Can use material available on Twitter and LinkedIn, but do not expect people necessarily will read these.
      • If applicants feel there is something they wish to share with the reviewers, please do include these. But we recommend submitted links to pull requests in the Jenkins ecosystem.
  • Resources:
  • Next meeting: Thursday, March 2, 2023
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Will the GSoC mentor receive a mentor invite email from Google?

Good morning everyone, I am shashank. I love automating things using code.
I am new to open-source contributions. I was going through the project ideas for GSoC 2023. I found one project that matched my skill and interest. But I need more information regarding the project idea (Screenshot Automation for Jenkins Docs), to visualize and understand the problem better, which will eventually help me to brainstorm and propose the best possible solution.

It would be a great help if potential mentor @Jmm will help me out with the below question for the project idea Screenshot Automation for Jenkins Docs
1> What is the current problem that will get addressed by this automation tool?

We will not send individual invites to mentors. But you can download an .ics from the Jenkins event calendar (Events).

/- Jmm

Hi @shashank

Welcome to the Jenkins Community.

In a nutshell, the Jenkins UI (and it’s plugin) is regularly updated. Last year we made some extensive rework of the look. This means that the screenshots used in the documentation do not reflect the reality. Another way to present it is that the screenshot should be version specific. The project idea is to automate the process of generating these screenshots for a specific Jenkins version.

There is a great likelihood that we will discuss this Particular Project Idea during this week’s Office Hours (Thursday March 2nd, 16:00 UTC)

/- Jmm

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