Jenkins GSoC 2023 Office Hours: March 2, 2023 | Project idea presentations

Attendees: Harsh Gupta, Jean-Marc Meessen, Sayantan Mondal, Udit Damare, Jake Leon, Alyssa Tong, Adrien Lecharpentier, Bruno Verachten, Dheeraj, Anshuman, Sabbah, Freyam Mehta, Rajiv, Pratham, Sameer Goyal, Ashutosh Saxena, Loghi Perinpanayagam, Vandit Singh, Sayantan Mondal, Abhishek Rana, Montianyu, Mohammed Sabbah, Shashank Sah, Sayantan Mondal, Kris Stern, Dipanshu, Giri Dharan, Mostafa Ashraf

Agenda @ notes:

  • Purpose of the Office Hours
  • Statement of expectations of GSoC applications
    • Out of principle of fairness, no private conversation is allowed prior to the acceptance of proposals by Google
    • All activities will be public, including the proposal reviewing process (which may take the newcomers spending some time to get used to)
    • We expect applicants to have done at least one pull request for their proposal to be considered since this demonstrate basic knowledge of git and also domain knowledge of the relevant tech stack involved, and also show what they have done
  • Plugin installation manager tool improvements project idea [lead mentor: Mark Waite]
  • Building with better tools project idea [lead mentor: Kris Stern/Mark Waite]
  • Screenshot automation for Jenkins documentation project idea [lead mentor: Mark Waite]
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