2023 May 5 Jenkins GSoC Office Hours

Attendees: JMM, Bruno, Kris, Alyssa, Dheeraj, Rajiv, Freyam, Harsh Pratap Singh, Jagruti, Ashutosh Saxena, Saarthak Maini, Mukul Kumar, Vandit Singh

Agena & Notes:

  • Announcement of accepted projects
    • Building jenkins.io with Alternative Tools – Vandit
    • Docker Quickstart – Ashutosh
    • GitLab Plugin Modernization – Harsh
    • Plugin Health Probes – Jagruti
  • Welcome and congrats to accepted GSoC contributors
  • Addressing rejected proposals by JMM
  • Encouraging continued involvement in open-source to everyone by JMM
  • Addressing Harsh Gupta’s initiative to start contributing to dropped Displaying Plugin Scores project as example
  • If you didn’t get accepted it’s encouraged that you stay engage and remain active, join SIG group(s), submit your ideas as PR(s), Hacktoberfest in October - these are great learnings to apply
  • Questions:
    • Saarthak asks about proposal quality
      • JMM: Prefer to discuss this one-on-one
    • Jagruit asks about mentor availability
      • JMM: Should follow up with Jake to see if the project could be started first without the Lead Mentor Adrien
      • JMM: Contributors should update their bios and project pages
        • Abstract of the projects
        • Some links
      • Blog post should be prepared towards the end of the project, this could be planned ahead
  • We will continue to hold the GSoC Office Hours at the same time (Thursdays on 3pm UTC) on a weekly basis
    • Anyone can participate, but is focused on the contributors’ progress
    • Not mandatory, but highly recommend mentors and contributors to join
    • Gives us a sense of community
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