GSoC Office Hours - March 3, 2023

Attendees: Bruno, Alyssa, JMM, Alex Brandes, Mark Waite, Mukul Kumar, Kris, Jake, Ashutosh Saxena, Adrien, Sonali, Mahmoud Galal, Jagruti, Saarthak Maini, Jiakuang He (Sam),

Agenda & Notes:

  • There are 34 draft proposals submitted for review
  • Pls bear w/ mentors as they are behind in providing feedback
  • 16 proposals submitted via the Google Summer of Code portal. You can submit and replace your pdf w/ better version if needed.
  • Deadline to submit to GSoC portal is April 4 @ 18:00 UTC. No late submission is accepted.
  • JMM will keep the office hours slot open after April 4 in case anyone has questions or want to chat. It’s not required to attend.
  • Thurs May 4 18:00 UTC, accepted contributors will be announced.
  • A special office hours for accepted contributors will be hosted on Friday May 5 @ 15:00 UTC and answer any questions.
  • Code of conduct (See image above) - the Jenkins project pledge to adhere to this code of conduct! Please read and follow.
  • Only 4 applicants will be selected this year.
  • Proposals need to be clear and well defined, can hit the ground running quickly, has done PR, attended office hours, etc. Make your best proposal as this is the most critical - we can also evaluable your PR. community interactions but your proposal will be most crucial.
  • Mukul: Android users, left part of the pipeline. I’ve added a few proposals to the stage of the pipeline. Do you have suggestions for me for my proposal?
    • BV: I would like to hear about your ideas. Mine are ok but yours are way better. I don’t want to tell you what kind of ideas you should have. Just propose them if you have some and we’ll evaluate them.
    • JMM: we want to see your creativity. Come w/ ideas.
  • Mukul: What does the left signify?
    • BV: for android mobile app, you don’t’ want the end user to discover something wrong w/ the app. We want to try to catch all the errors before the app goes into production - shift left. That means static analysis, instrumented testing, etc.
  • JMM: Quick Start should have the component preconfigured so the person who tries it out have the minimal required. Using JCasC configured as much as possible is a must for this project.
  • For the project ideas that were canceled, some proposals had to be canceled - some contributors had the idea they’d like to continue to contribute via PR, continue to think and interact about the project idea. They look at ways to contribute even if they are not in the GSoC program. This is a great way to contribute to the open source.