Gsoc 2024 implementing ui for jenkins infra statistics

Hello guy, I am Obafemi Oladapo, and I am working on my proposal on implementing UI for Jenkins infra statistics. I am coming in late, although I would still love to participate in the program. so, am I still cool to go ahead with my proposal knowing fully well the review periods for proposals are over? what necessary steps would I be encouraged to take to continue with the program?

Hello @Lilphemy and welcome to this community. :wave:

If you have already registered with GSoC, you can send your proposal through their website.
Of course, it’s too late for the reviews, but we’ll take your proposal into account nevertheless.

Alright then, and thanks for the info. I would commence with the proposal submission hence.

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I’ve submitted my proposal for the review. Should I wait for the review or submit my proposal?

And If I didn’t get a review from mentors on which date I should submit my proposal? or how many more days I should wait for their review?

As far as I know, the review process is now over:

  • April 2: Deadline for GSoC contributors to submit their proposals in the Google portal.
  • April 3: Mentors may begin grading proposals.

If you did not receive any feedback, it may be because your proposal was deemed satisfactory as it was. :person_shrugging:

If you submitted your proposal through the GSoC portal, mentors would have access to it and could begin the assessment on April 2nd, but there would be no formal review process.

Ohh ok. Thanks for the response.

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