[ GSOC 2023 PROPOSAL ] Saarthak Maini : Docker Based Jenkins Quickstart Examples

Hello Everyone,

My name is Saarthak Maini . I have attached a link to My Proposal on Docker Based Jenkins Quickstart Examples Project for GSOC 2023

[ GSOC 2023 PROPOSAL ] Saarthak Maini : Docker Based Jenkins Quickstart Examples

I would like to request for suggestions, feedback and reviews for the same to make sure that the proposal can be made up to standards and get furnished

I will add more contributions to Jenkins and add more links for the same in the proposal
I will update the project deliverables and sample code snippets tomorrow morning
I would also like to ask whether there is a better way to optimize my planned timeline in terms of distribution of tasks

Also, I would like to ask that “How does the extended coding period work? What do I have to write regarding that in the proposal?”

Thank You Very Much!


I read your document, Saarthak. Thank you for sharing it.
You are on the right track and I left some improvement ideas as comments.

The extended coding period is because of obligations (ex exams) you need more elapsed time to complete the project. It should be (better) described in the GSoC rules on the Google site.

/- Jmm


Hello Everyone,:wave:

I am almost done with my proposal for the ‘Docker Based Jenkins QuickStart Examples Project’.

I would like to request the 3rd iteration of proposal review from the mentors and the org admins.

I would also love to hear suggestions from other GSOC applicants and the Jenkins community in general as well!

Thank you very much for taking the time to review my proposal and giving feedback !

Please Note :

I may get “Anonymous : Made a Suggestion” on my side.

This might be due to either the commenter not being logged into their account or usage of Incognito mode

I really appreciate the effort and time taken for the review, hence, I would just like to request double checking of the same in case of making a suggestion

Thank You! :grin: