Jenkins Contributor Summit: Oct 02 and Oct 09, 2021, APAC/EMEA

As a follow up to the June 25 contributor summit, I would like to organize a similar even in the APAC-friendly timezone. I plan to have a 5-6 hours event, so we can easily find a time suitable for both APAC and EMEA. Starting this thread for pre-planning purposes.

I propose to have an event starting from ~7AM UTC so that EMEA can join. It means that the event would be over by 6:30PM in India, 9PM in China, 11PM in eastern Australia, and 1AM in New Zealand. This sounds feasible.

Regarding the dates, I would prefer it to happen before DevOps World (Sep 28-30) or shortly after it. We tentatively have a contributor summit scheduled to Oct 1st as a part of Dev Ops World, but most likely it will be in the Americas timezone.

How to contribute?

  • As always, we will need hosts and presenters for this event
  • Share your feedback about Jenkins Contributor Summit 2021! IMHO the June 25th event went pretty well, but we could improve
  • Help us with finding interesting topics and end users to join the summit!



This time is suitable for me at least, can’t wait to join it!

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Love the timing! I hope this would encourage even more people to participate from APAC


I will most likely still be in APAC timezone so I’m up for a encore presentation of running GitHub actions on Jenkins. As well as possibly doing more like End User panel.

If the flow will be nearly identical I think having a google doc for presenters and what to expect would be a welcome addition. I could contribute to that.

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I would be happy to attend a Contributor Summit in the APAC time zone, especially if it includes another End User Panel session. I found the End User Panel to be especially helpful.


As it was confirmed with @alyssat and @MarkEWaite, we will be hosting the next contributor summit on October 02, 2021. It will take place in the APAC timezone on Saturday so that more contributors and users can attend. Participants in Europe will be able to join too according to the current plan.

CC @olblak @timja @FeynmanZhou @LinuxSuRen @shadycuz @dheerajodha @batmat @megathaum @ajard who participated in organizing the previous summit


Glad to see the good news.

Awesome, looking forward to it! I will take a look at the doc and try to help out with this event from our side.

Great, looking forward to the summit!
Thanks for the opportunity :smiley:

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Coolio, hopefully I will get to present some of the work going on around Pipeline development with vscode.

One of the pain points for me from the last summit was the agenda wasn’t finalized until the last minute, so we couldn’t really advertise the speakers and their talks in advance. I think we should to try have the agenda finalized ASAP. How can I help with this?

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I would like to be a contributor for the Jenkins summit. I think I can help with,

  • “Getting the event promoted in the community channels: blog, twitter, LinkedIn”
  • “Facilitating conversations”
  • “Coordinating hosting of the newcomer track - Mark Waite will host this track”

As per the topics under “Help needed / Looking for organizers and contributors” on Jenkins Contributor Summit @ DevOps World 2021 - Coordination doc - Google Docs.

Looking forward to the summit!

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Thanks @Rubix982! It would be really appreciated. Let’s see how to organize it. If this is a generic topic not specific to Jenkins, maybe we could do it as a wider OSS contribution promo event as a part of Hacktoberfest

BTW, Hacktoberfest 2021 is officially announced! The Grand opening will be also a part of the contributor summit. More info: Hacktoberfest 2021 - join us!


@oleg-nenashev Are the sessions created on Zoom and subsequently to publish to YouTube? If so I may be able to help with that. Feel free to DM - I don’t check this discourse frequently.


Sure, and thanks! I will be following up as soon as possible. For us it would be nice to prepare descriptions and opengraphs for sessions we would like to highlight. The video processing itself is likely to require special permissions but we can see what we can do about that

Hi all,

Some changes in the agenda. Unfortunately I cannot do the contributor summit on Oct 02 due to some legal and personal reasons. There are also public holidays in China that make this date a bad fit for the APAC region. Based on that, we are making some changes in the program

  • Oct 02 event will take place, but will focus on Hacktoberfest Grand opening and on newcomer contributor onboarding. @MarkEWaite, @dheerajodha and @wfollonier have stepped up to coordinate the agenda. Unconference sessions might also take place, IIUC @uhafner prefers this date. Any contributions are welcome
  • The second part of the summit will take place on October 9th, I will coordinate it. It will focus on the Jenkins roadmap, unconferences, and end user panel. Any contributors are welcome too

I will update the event schedule and make announcements later

P.S: I kindly ask @wfollonier @uhafner @FeynmanZhou @LinuxSuRen @ajard and everyone else to add their session ideas, abstracts and preferred times to the Google Doc: Jenkins Contributor Summit / Oct 02 and 09 - Coordination doc - Google Docs


I would like to have time on the Contributor Summit agenda to present the Hacktoberfest topic “Moving plugin documentation to GtiHub”. I’ll submit additional details as a pull request to the page for Hacktoberfest.

Ulli agreed in the most recent UX SIG meeting that he would present a segment showing the progress on the code coverage user interface improvements. He will highlight ways that first time contributors can assist with those improvements during Hacktoberfest.

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@shadycuz would you be willing to present to new contributors during the Oct 2, 2021 session? I think there are many that would benefit from a demonstration and Q&A session that shows good techniques with vscode when working with Jenkins.

Some topics that came to mind for me:

  • Using vscode to compile and test a Jenkins plugin
  • Using vscode to develop, diagnose, and interact with a Jenkins Pipeline
  • Using vscode to develop Jenkins core

Are any of those topics of interest to you and something you’d be willing to demonstrate to others in a segment of the Oct 2, 2021 session?

@Rubix982 thanks for being willing to help with the Oct 2, 2021 contributor summit. We’ll be focusing on new contributors and starting Hacktoberfest in the Jenkins project. We’d love to have your help promoting it and participating in it.

If you’d be willing to assist with the coordination of the summit, that would be great. We’ll need people like you to be online during the summit, ready to assist people as they raise questions in the Zoom chat or as they raise questions in the Q&A facility.

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Hey @MarkEWaite

I was already hoping to give a talk about vscode in the contributors track. It’s a great talk for new and experienced people. It’s in the google doc under my personal “brand” DontShaveTheYak.

I’m not really sure I could compile and test a Jenkins plugin or submit a PR to core. In some ways I should probably be in the new comers track learning.

Have you tried @danielbeck? He has been putting together a lot of material on Jenkins Pipelines for those that are new to Jenkins.

If you really need someone to feel a slot, I can do it but we might need to brain storm a more fitting topic. I’m much more motivated to talk about advanced issues like CPS, Groovy2 vs Groovy3 and Scripted vs Declarative pipelines.

Thanks @shadycuz . Let’s apply your interests and experience in the Contributors Track as you suggested.