Jenkins Contributor Summit on Feb 2, 2024 - Call for topics and ideas

We are happy to announce that we will hold a Jenkins Contributor Summit in Brussels on Friday February 2, 2024, prior to FOSDEM.
See the Jenkins Blog post on the subject for more details.

If you are interested to attend or would like to make a presentation during that meeting, let us known by replying to this post.

The Jenkins Outreach team


Do you have a hotel recommendation for FOSDEM?

The hotel most of us stayed at last year was decent, though not particularly close to the old University.

Last year, I stayed in this one, was fine for my needs.
You walk ~3 minutes to the tram station directly going to the ULB or central station.

Thanks for the pointers! I’ll have a detailed look at them later.

I booked my flight now and will join the Jenkins Contributor Summit on Friday. I can give a talk about the recent changes in the coverage and warnings plugins.

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Nice to know that you will join us, Ulli. Looking forward to meet you again.


I will be in Brussels for the FOSDEM and will join the Contributor Summit on Friday.

Looking forward to meet some of you in real life!



Hello @jonesbusy

Welcome and looking forward to meet you at FOSDEM and during the Jenkins Contributor Summit.

End of the month I will publish/maintain a spreadsheet with the Summit’s participants. Stay tuned.

/- Jmm

Hi, I live in Brussels and attended the last contributor summit that was hosted here. I’d also like to attend if there is space!

I saw in the blog post that registration is required, but it wasn’t clear to me where I actually register. So apologies if I missed something or if this isn’t a good place.

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I plan also to come to FOSDEM and the conttributor summit. Really looking forward to meet you in person.

Hi Nik

(sorry for the late reply)

Looking forward to meet you during the Contributor Summit. You’re on the list :grinning:

/- Jmm

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Hi Stefan,

(Sorry for the late reply)

I am also looking forward to meet during the Contributor Summit. You’re on the attendee list too :grinning:

/- Jmm

The list of currently registered attendees to the Contributor Summit 2024 in Brussels can be found in this Google Sheet.

/- Jmm

Hi, I am pleased to join the Jenkins contributor summit this year.

I can give an overview of the changes we did in Jenkins core and test harness that we leverage to provide HA/HS capability in CloudBees CI.

Thank you @Vlatombe.
I will contact you directly for the practical side.

/- Jmm

Hello, I will join this year and happy to participate.

I could do a brief update on the State of Jenkinsfile Runner as a part of project updates (we still consider it a sub-project, right?), and happy to join any developer tooling discussions.

P.S: Ofc happy to talk Gradle too, e.g. creating a Conventional plugin that would be equivalent to Plugin POM. I was thinking about it as a potential GSoC project idea


I am interested in doing a brief (< 15 minute) demonstration of how to use usage-in-plugins to search for API usages in plugins. This can help determine whether a given change will be a breaking change. This tool has a somewhat steep learning curve but is a powerful tool when assessing risk and planning migrations, so I think it would be desirable to take advantage of the Contributor Summit as an opportunity to broaden awareness of this tool and how to use it.

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As an additional option, I would be interested in discussing the Jenkins Roadmap and how we could probably fix/revive it. It is one of the items I consider working on, because it is somewhat in my hall of shame.

FTR my recent slides from Voxxed Days Ticino 2024, based on the original joint presentation together with @MarkEWaite
and then updated to be a kind of retrospective with his review:

Hello Oleg.

Nice to see you joining. I am adding you to the participants list of the Contributor Summit. Thank you for the talk proposals.

Are you OK if I foresee a 10-minute slot for the “update on the State of Jenkinsfile Runner” (5 min presentation + 5 minutes Q+A and buffer) or do you need more time. The slot will be likely in the afternoon.

There will be no dedicated general “tooling” discussion at this stage but you are welcome to raise these subjects and ideas during bilateral contacts or during the dinner.

I note your Gradle topic/ GSoC project idea but put it, at this stage, on the “parking lot”: if planning allows we will include it. How much time do you need for the presentation/discussion?
It is also very well suited for bilateral or dinner time talks.

Ref: Jenkins Roadmap
There is a substantial slot of time foreseen for roadmap discussion (last one before the coding workshop). Items or opportunities for that session will be gathered along the various sessions during the day. They will be triaged/prioritized at beginning so that we can have a structured and efficient discussion for each item and end with the “global picture”/conclusion building.

/- Jmm

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