Documentation office hours - Jan 5, 2024


2024-01-05 (Asia)


  • Mark Waite
  • Meg McRoberts
  • Kris Stern


  • Happy New Year!
  • 2023 recap blog post being compiled now by SIG leaders
    • December newsletter will be a summary of the year 2023
    • Goal to publish by Jan 15, 2024
  • Contributor spotlight
  • Jenkins Contributor Summit at FOSDEM by Jean-Marc Meessen - Feb 2, 2024
    • Important dates & info regarding the contributor summit
    • 20+ confirmed to attend, including 4 of the 5 members of the board and all but one officer
    • Meetup page for event
    • Jean-Marc is organizing the agenda on the community site
      • Blue ocean end of life plan
      • High availability
      • User experience…
  • GSoC 2024 preparation has started
    • 10 mentors have volunteered, always can use more mentors
    • Call for mentors blog post
    • Mentor roundup online meetup Dec 20, 2023
    • Another meeting will happen in January/February for contributors
      • Have the interest, not enough mentors just yet
      • Same story as previous years
      • Lots of gitter activity!
  • Versioned documentation for
    • Report issues with current content at Issues · Vandit1604/jenkins-docs · GitHub
    • Several issues opened prior to break for navigation issues, most have been resolved by either Kris Stern or Vandit Singh
      • Now is the time to check the content, assure it is correct, complete, etc.
      • Versioned doc is hosted in github (jenkins-infra)
      • Vandit is currently working on the gatsby side of things
        • Changelog & blogs already done
        • Need to do: upgrade guides, security advisories (may need to be revamped) (pre 2018 vs post 2018, needs to be consistent so that we don’t have such difference when the new versioned site is live
      • Start reviewing everything (permissions, access, function, etc)
      • January is very busy for everyone (FOSDEM Prep, Exams for Vandit), February would have more availability in terms of time.
      • Potential checklist for review/inspection
  • Adding sponsor attributions
    • Governance board action item to create a sponsors page
      • Can then use subsets of the sponsors page on other pages
    • Request comes from a friend of Jenkins at JFrog to add attribution to downloads page
    • Red Hat no longer part of the CD Foundation (Kevin to submit PR to remove)
    • AWS has not donated to Jenkins in a long time (not at all in 2023) (have time before being removed, can still donate)
    • Oracle stopped donating
    • Digital Ocean has donated for both 2023 & 2024 and should be visible (with icon)
  • Integrating Docker Compose into Jenkins documentation