Jenkins Contributor Summit on June 25, 2021 - Call for topics and ideas

I am happy to announce that we have confirmed the date of the next contributor summit. It will happen on June 25th as a part of cdCon. The goal of this event is to bring contributors together and to discuss the key topics about Jenkins evolution and the future roadmap.

There will be multiple breakout rooms… We will also have a track for newcomer contributors. And we need ideas from participants! Please bring them up here!

Coordination Google Doc

Hi @oleg-nenashev
I was wondering if it is a good idea to write a blog to tell people about what’s in store for them to contribute to Jenkins at this year’s Contributor Summit. Like a clear plan on what are the areas we need help at, and how people can help, and where they can reach out for help, also about the small gifts we will be given to top contributors.

And we can share this post on social media, other communities, also with DSC leads as they work very closely with college students, and start promoting asap

What do you think?

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Yes, I plan to do so. Before we do it, we need some initial agenda in place. I want to officially announce the summit next week. But yeah, any help with the announcements will be much appreciated

Awesome! Waiting for the final agenda so that I can also help a little with promotions. Also as discussed with Mark previously, I would love to be part of the Documentation track of the summit, so feel free to assign me tasks related to that.

Sure! Let’s follow up in the mailing list

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Based on the feedback in the voting poll, I created a meeting on Thursday, 1PM UTC. At this meeting we will agree on the agenda and split the organization/moderation tasks. Everyone is welcome to participate, and I will also try to record this meeting.


I really apologize @oleg-nenashev, I should’ve visited this forum more often, as I just saw this message (I just enabled notifications now).

Sorry again, let me know if I can still help in some way

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No worries, all contributions are welcome and much appreciated. See the mailing list and the google doc. There are some tasks for grabs if you have some time

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