Jenkins Contributor Summit in Orlando, FL on September 27, 2022 - Agenda is available!

The agenda for the Contributor Summit at DevOps World is now available. We will be live and in person at DevOps World.

Tuesday, Sept 27 - 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM EDT | Location: Orlando World Center Marriott

Registration is free, as long as you have already registered to DevOps World. Please note that seatings are limited.

We already have a fantastic line-up of Jenkins contributors who confirmed they would be there, so don’t be shy and join the fun!

Should you have any question or concern, don’t hesitate to get in touch with @poddingue or @alyssat .


The Jenkins Contributor Summit brings together current and future contributors to the Jenkins project. At this event we will talk about the current state of the project and its future evolution.

The summit will include project updates by the Governance Board, working and special interest groups. We will also organize breakout sessions to discuss key initiatives in the project and its roadmap. Topics include but are not limited to: architecture changes, Jenkins Security, Cloud Native Jenkins, interoperability, documentation, and user experience. We will also have lightning talks and demos of the new and upcoming Jenkins features. We will also organize a track for newcomer contributors who want to participate in the project.


  • Intro words, summit overview - Bruno Verachten
  • State of Jenkins - Mark Waite
    • Major news
  • Project/SIG Updates - SIG leaders, Officers
    • Release officer - Tim Jacomb
    • Security - Wadeck Follonier
    • Infra - Damien Duportal
    • Platform - Mark Waite
    • Events - Alyssa Tong
    • Outreach SIG - Mark Waite & Jean-Marc Meessen
      • GSoC
      • She Code Africa
    • Documentation - Mark Waite & Kevin Martens
      • I18n, L10n
  • User Experience - Tim Jacomb & Jan Faracik
  • What’s next for Java - Mark Waite
    • Java 11
      • active support ends 30 Sep 2023
      • security support ends 30 Sep 2026
    • Java 17
      • active support ends 30 Sep 2026
      • security support ends 30 Sep 2031
  • Plugin health scoring project - Jake Leon & Adrien Lecharpentier
    • Inspiring plugin health improvements by scoring the current status
  • Ignite Talks / Demos - PARTICIPANTS NEEDED
  • End user presentations/demos
    • [TBA]
    • [TBA]
    • Pipeline experiences
    • Mobile development
    • Administering large Jenkins instances - Damien Duportal
    • Pre-built Jenkins test configurations with Docker- Mark Waite
    • Choosing your tests wisely
    • Security - Wadeck Follonier
  • Hacktoberfest and onboarding new contributors - Jean-Marc Meessen & Bruno Verachten
  • Future of Jenkins
    • UI - Jan Faracik & Tim Jacomb
    • Testing improvements
    • Internationalization and localization
      • First time contributor tasks
    • Making Jenkins :cloud:-ier

We’ll post the link to the reference document for the agenda as soon as it is stabilized.

We invite all Jenkins contributors and interested users to participate!

Disclaimer : the Jenkins Contributor Summit is a community-driven event. We may change the agenda at the last minute, no SLA.


Wanted to clarify - it’s only free to attend the Contributor Summit, seatings are limited. There is a fee to attend the full conference, the price is $950 with discount code DW22JENKINSRTE.

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Thanks a lot for the much needed clarification Alyssa, I have then modified the initial post. :pray:

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Thanks Alyssa for supplying the registration form.
It is now available in the first message and here.

I modified the first post by adding the list of speakers known to date (thanks Alyssa for getting their approval).
We are still missing participants for Ignite Talks / Demos, please let us know if you’re interested.

I can help with a demo or talk about

  • the recent features in the code coverage plugin (delta coverage, UI improvements)
  • improving the UI for the results of post build actions in general (Bootstrap, ECharts, DataTables)
  • how to integrate ATH UI tests into a plugin’s code base

Thanks a lot Ulli :pray:
Alyssa, we have time for that, don’t we?

yes we have time for Ulli’s talk!! Thank you Ulli. We’ll gladly put you on the agenda…thank you thank you :hugs:

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I’ll be there as well and I can help on demo, booth duty and of course questions and answers

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Thanks a lot Damien, can’t wait! :+1:

The updated agenda has been posted by @alyssat here: Jenkins Contributor Summit 2022 Agenda - Orlando, Florida
Thank you Alyssa.

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