Advocacy and Outreach SIG Meeting - August 11, 2022

August 11, 2022

Attending: Alyssa, Mark Waite, Gavin Mogan


  • GSoC Update:

    • Weekly GSoC roundup with Jean-Marc Meessen - Projects status updates, projects are progressing smoothly. Weekly recordings can be found on the Jenkins YouTube channel.
    • Upcoming timeline:
      • July 25 - Sept 4: Work Period | GSoC contributors work on their project with guidance from Mentors
      • September 5 - September 12: Final week: GSoC contributors submit their final work product and their final mentor evaluation (standard coding period)
    • CDF’s GSoC announcement: GSoC 2022: Jenkins & Jenkins X - CD Foundation - Thank You Kris Stern for the content update!!
  • SCaLE19X: Recap

  • DevOps World:

    • Contributor Summit - Attendees need to sign up to attend as seats are limited (30).
      • Ulli Hafner, TIm Jacomb, Alex Brandes, Jan Faracik, Wadeck Follonier
    • Post: Jenkins Plugin Health Scoring System published today. AT to tweet and post on LI - Thank you Mark for the PR!
      • Continuing to highlight Jenkins sessions at DevOps World
      • Alyssa will tweet and post after meeting
  • Questions:

    • Twitter as code?
      • Meme generator twitter account already uses it
      • Channel has proposals with a delay due to
      • Create a markdown file with the tweet, submit a pull request to schedule
      • Does not support retweet currently
      • Could encourage more people to submit social media posts
      • Would not prevent existing users from posting, merging a pull request is +1
      • Media and retweet code not yet in the facility
      • Gavin is willing to create the tooling to implement twitter as code
        • May need help to get access keys for the Jenkins twitter account
    • Vendors portal at
      • A location where harder problems can be raised
        • Here are the vendors that you might pay for help
      • Prototypes created by Gavin
        • Needs more eyes and ears
        • Mark still owes more data