Advocacy and Outreach SIG October 6, 2022

Attending: Alyssa, Kevin Martens, Mark Waite, Jean-Marc Meessen


  • GSoC 2022 final update:

  • Final presentation recording: Jenkins online meetup October 5, 2022: Jenkins Google Summer of Code - Final Status - YouTube

  • GSoC contributors will follow up with a final post about their projects:

  • GSoC stipend has been dispersed to Linux Foundation. Michelle (CDF) will confirm once the stipend is applied to Jenkins.

  • Hacktoberfest update:

    • Livestream kickoff took off past Tuesday
    • Will hold wkly livestream: Q&A, status update re: participation
    • A dozen distinct contributors, ~2 dozen contributions spread from around the globe.
  • DevOps World:

    • Event was canceled due to hurricane Ian
    • A virtual event is currently under discussion within CloudBees. No new info at this time.
    • Special shout out to our European colleagues who couldn’t get flights out, they had to stay and brave the storm.
  • Jenkins newsletter:

  • FOSDEM ‘23:

    • Feb 4 & 5, 2023
    • In person event
    • AT: will request for table space
    • Jenkins plan to participate: table, speaking sessions in CI/CD Devroom
  • Contributor Summit remixed

    • MW: Infeasible for an all day online event as done in the past. More feasible to do three 2hr block sessions via online format to cover the more crucial topics. We would select speakers and deliver via Zoom webinar to prevent spammers but allow for anyone to participate. ETA November-ish event.
    • Format:
      • 1st session: Governance, SIGs/officer updates, UX
      • 2nd session: Security, security related topics
      • 3rd session: Platform themed, AWS talks
      • MW will create gdoc to start the discussion