Advocacy & Outreach SIG meeting - Jan 27, 2022

Attending: Alyssa Tong, Mark Waite, Jean-Marc Meessen


  • cdCon, 7-8 June, in Austin Texas.
    • CFP open: Call For Proposals (CFP) | Linux Foundation Events
    • Invitation for Jenkins Community to hold a one day Jenkins Contributor Summit as part of cdCon. Physical space has been allocated at the cdCon venue for an in-person Jenkins Contributor Summit. However, organizers may wish to enable remote contributors to participate as well, through zoom, etc.
    • Oleg -1 on hybrid contributor summit
    • MW - do one onsite in TX, and virtual in other timezones
    • AT - to let cdCon organizer know we’re +1 for the onsite Jenkins contributor summit
  • GSoC 2022
    • AT: Reach out to previous GSoC mentors as we are still in need of more mentors and ideas.
    • Org admins making progress in updating GSoC webpages…Thank you Kris Stern and JMM!
    • Mentor slack channel created in CDF channel #gsoc-2022-jenkins
    • JMM to update mailing list for org admin.
    • Two main global communication channels to use: Gitter. Discourse.
  • GSoC office hours - To help students prepare for their applications. Office hours should start as soon as possible.
  • JOM
    • Jan 26, 2022 Recap : Development Environments for Jenkins Plugins
      • JMM - format was good to continue. Good # of interest in attendance.
      • MW - participation rate higher than usual.
      • Topic is important, JMM will reflect on hot topics for future JOMs
    • GSoC 2022 - AT will work to set a date for this. ETA Feb
    • Etienne Studer of Gradle Enterprise - find ways to improve performance of tests for Jenkins. Gradle Enterprise has tool that may help us avoid running some tests.
    • KK of Launchable willing to do separate JOM w/ similar theme (as above).
      • Launchable is heavily focused on finding ways to choose which test you should run.

do you know if cdf would be up for setting up the slack matrix bridge? Actually I don’t know whats involved, I just try to avoid slack cause its a walled garden and have like 25 slack accounts, so its a bit unmanageable.

I can check with them. Thank you for the suggestion.