Jenkins Contributor Summit: Oct 02 and Oct 09, 2021, APAC/EMEA

Absolutely, I would be up for it. I believe I should stay up to date with this thread and on Slack as well for further updates.

Super @Rubix982 . We’ll plan on having you as part of the team on Saturday, Oct 2, 2021. I assume you’re also willing to assist on Saturday Oct 9, 2021.

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I can definitely manage on both dates. What would be the timings?

We’ll start the session at 7:00 AM UTC on Saturday Oct 2, 2021. Likely run for a few hours until topics are covered and we end the session.

For Oct 09, the starting time will be the same: 7AM UTC. The duration is TBD but I shoot for up to 6 hours in total, with breaks. Sorry for the late actions, my personal life has been a kind of dumpsterfire. We can also do the second part of the summit on Oct 16 if more convenient to the audience

  • Summit on Oct 09
  • Summit on Oct 16
  • Summit on Oct 30

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@Rubix982 could you send your email address to me ( so that I can invite you as a panelist in the webinar? We won’t have you do any presentation, but it works best if those who are helping answer questions are included as panelists.

I’m sorry as well for the late reply. Finding it really hard to balance and deal with time.

For tomorrow, I may not be available at exactly 7AM UTC, but 9AM UTC works for me.

Definitely, emailing you right now.

Thank you for the patience.

No problem. We’ll accept your help whenever you arrive. We understand that you may not be available. All the best managing your schedule!

Draft agenda for the contributor summit on Saturday, all times are in UTC. Session descriptions are available here: Events . Let me know if you would like to change something or add new sessions

FWIW I am leaning towards having end user panel as separate event so that we could keep the summit shorter