Looking for End User Panel participants at the Contributor Summit on June 25th, 2PM UTC!

Hi all,

As a part of the Jenkins Contributor Summit 2021 on June 25th, we would like to organize the End User Panel session (2PM UTC). Several Jenkins end users will talk about their experiences, issues they hit and expectations from the project evolution. These are NOT demo sessions or feature/company presentations. Although we expect some overview, the main content will be feedback to the Jenkins community. As the Jenkins community, we are interested to receive feedback from the end users, and work with them directly on improving the project!

Currently we are looking for end users who want to share their feedback with the community. If you are interested, just respond to this topic! If there are too many interested participants, we will organize follow up sessions! There is no such thing as too much user feedback :slight_smile:

Credits: This is a continuation of the better end user engagement ideas brought up by Ewelina Wilkosz who is currently a Jenkins Governance board member


  • We will have a panel session in Zoom
  • Each presenter end user will have 5…10 minutes, and then there will be time for Q&A with Jenkins contributors.
  • Larger discussions may happen during the unconference tracks and in the event chat. We invite presenters to stay during the entire summit and to participate in afterparty
  • Slides are optional! Presenters can also show video recordings.

I’d like to participate!
We use Jenkins for continuous integration and tests execution since the inception of OpenVINO™ Toolkit, we have a few huge Jenkins instances (despite all best practices :smile: ), so I probably have a couple of stories to tell.


I have a few thoughts to share too. In my case the fact that the Jenkins applications I work with are not concerned with DevOps per se, would make my opinions of little help for the overall project evolution. Nonetheless, although the core functionality of Jenkins (workflow pipelining, plugin ecosystem, security management, scale-up etc.) remain tremendously important for the Life/Data Science applications I’m envisioning, I’m worried about the constant security improvements, that tend to reduce the functionality we need to execute code and reshape the UI dynamically. I have a strong interest in the revitalization of the Jenkins UI in ways we can hide some of its DevOps heritage for the benefit of other domains.


Thanks @ababushk @imoutsatsos , it will be a great discussion! Added you to the agenda. Just a few questions:

  • What is the affiliation you’d like to use?
  • Would you like to have a shared slidedeck for the session? Or would you prefer separate ones?

Sounds like a great idea.
We at Taboola have a few large Jenkins instances (build, tests + deploy, MLOps).
I can share about:

  • challenges of managing Jenkins
  • user experience of pipelines developers
  • user experience of jenkins users
    and I guess I can think of more.

If possible can you please do another session which is not on Friday (weekend in Israel)?

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Thanks for adding me to the agenda @oleg-nenashev !

Please, use ‘Novartis Institutes for Biomedical Research’ (NIBR) as the affiliation.
I think a shared slide deck is fine as long as we can edit our slides independently. Otherwise a separate slide-deck would be preferred.

Best regards

Hi @tizkiko . Yes, I plan to organize more sessions in the future. I believe it could be a very important format and user communication channel for the Jenkins community

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