Does contributing to Jenkins increase my chances of getting hired?

Hey everyone, I’m a Full-stack developer based in Brooklyn, and I’m really interested in what Jenkins is doing, and I was wondering if contributing would increase my chances of getting hired at jenkins! If anyone got hired as a contributor, id love to talk and ask you some questions!

I think like everything, the answer is “it won’t hurt your chances”

Lots of companies use jenkins, especially those not using cloud much. I’ve seen plenty of jobs that say “experience with jenkins is a bonus”, or maybe even a must have.

Would a company ever refuse you getting hired if you’ve never had jenkins experience? no (even if they say its a must have), but it may be the deciding factor between you and another, but also may not.

I was once hired as an integration specialist, and mostly working on a companies jenkins plugin, but also worked on other CI, and other cloud product integrations as well. And I did work out cloudbees for a bit, but only on blueocean for a few months before being moved to other projects.

Footnote: I’ll keep trying to reply to forum topics when I have time, but i’m not volunteering to answer questions in DM or anything else.

Thanks for the fast reply. I think I might have worded my question in an unclear way. What I meant to ask was if contributing to Jenkins would help me get hired at Jenkins itself. Sorry for the misunderstanding!

There is no “jenkins itself”, cloudbees has hired people to work on jenkins full time, but by no means are they the jenkins product.

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That makes sense, thank you for taking the time to respond! If you don’t mind, what would be the best way to get a job at cloudbees?

I don’t know, I don’t work at cloudbees, has some postings, though not in dev.

I think best chance is to apply, though cloudbees management always could reach out if they want to pay you to keep doing the work you are doing. I wouldn’t bet my life on it though. If an existing cloudbees employee likes working with you, and there’s a job opening, they may refer you for a bonus.

Pretty much like getting a job anywhere.

Got it! Thanks so much!