Considering migrating to Jenkins


My company is considering migrating to Jenkins for their build, package, and deployment. We are currently assessing the migration cost and would love to get the community’s thoughts on two questions.

  1. What is the approximate number of resources (e.g., x developers) and time (# days at x% utilization) required for a successful migration of about 2500 users from Travis, Github actions, Docker etc. (1400+ users from travis, 100+ users from Github actions, 980+ from others e.g., Docker, Bamboo, ArgoCD etc.)

  2. How long might it take my developers to get fully productive on the tool considering training and ramp up time.

Thank you!

I would recommend engaging a vendor (like cloudbees) of some sorts for help. That seems like a lot of jobs. If they are mostly the same it probably won’t be too bad, but if each build has different processes it’ll probably be a big ask.

As for how long. I’ve been using jenkins for like 10-14 years so I personally can’t answer. The community does well at the small stack overflow type questions, not the large design ones