Contribution guide

I am Aryan Pachori a 2nd year undergrad currently pursuing Computer Science Engineering. I have keen interest in open source and Gsoc and would like to contribute for your organization. I’m familiar coding in java. It’s a humble request if someone could help me find good first issues so I can start contributing.
Thanks & Regards
Aryan Pachori

Hi and thank you for reaching out.

Here is a few links that hopefully will be useful to you:

So I would read through those websites, then take a look at the issues Jira. When you have picked a task to work on, make a PR and wait for feedback/approvals.

Good luck and reach out if you get stuck/have more questions :slightly_smiling_face:


Hello Aryan,

Thanks for reaching out. I’m sure you’d find many places to contribute while going through the links shared above!

There’s one more place where we’d love some help. The MSBuild plugin would greatly benefit from contributions from any newcomers, as it is currently up for adoption (meaning it needs new maintainers).

Follow this step-by-step Improve a Plugin Tutorial and submit a series of small and valuable pull requests (PR). These PRs would be extremely crucial for the plugin and when you’ve completed this tutorial successfully and want to contribute more, then there is a Google Doc that lists many more ideas at Contributing to Open Source - Google Docs. As always, feel free to ask any questions!