Add jobs board as a Discourse category?

At some point we had a brief chat with @halkeye about publishing a jobs board somewhere in Jenkins. We agreed it is useful, but it seemed to be a big effort to implement properly. What if we just create a light-weight solution on Discourse?

  • A new category for Jobs is created
  • There is a category description which defines rules. E.g. “the job must involve significant Jenkins part as a user or as a developer (plugins, pipelines, libs). It is not enough to Just require Jenkins expertise to have the job posted” AND maybe “the job posting should permit contributing to the Jenkins community as a community member and/or code committer”
  • There are some tags to highlight the following job types: open-source contribution, contract/permanent, etc.
  • (?) Maybe a default template for that. One of the use-cases would be limiting the description size so that users do not copy paste the whole description

I like the idea, but not yet, too much stuff at once is overwhelming (aka, slow down and let things grow first)

First start getting lots of people to use the space.
Then start approaching some people who might want to post, and see what they would want to post. Probably approach some people who do contracting and see whats useful. I, as someone who does neither, wouldn’t want to make uninformed decisions for people.