Idea: Commerical Support listings on

Hey Everyone,

I’ve brought up this topic a few times now, usually in informal chats via gitter, but its something I’ve wanted to do since before I got elected to the board. As some of you might know, I try to do a lot of support via here, irc, gitter, and reddit, and while most of the time a quick question or two here or there isn’t an issue, but there’s some people need more help than myself or the other volunteers can provide.

mostly I want to reproduce but in a maintainable format. The wiki was nice but I think discourse could be a level up, and would encourage more people using it.

So I’m thinking we can make a category (One post per vendor ex Showing Off - Jenkins) or topic (One reply per vendor, ex Introductions Topic)
There was concerns about doing it on because some felt it should be a validated/curated list. I don’t think its a good use of anyones time to validate every company that wants to be listed. With discourse’s great moderation tools, it would be easy for users to report bad listings, and should be pretty easy to see which vendors interact with the community and which keep to themselves.
Add in the ability to do templated topics/replies I think this could be pretty organized and easy to use - What are Topic Templates? - faq - Discourse Meta

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I think that’s a great idea. I don’t object to the idea of a curated list on, but a self-managed list with comments and replies on sounds much, much better.

I am fine with moving the listing to if this is the consensus. Anything would be better than the current obsolete state when even CloudBees has outdated info :slight_smile:

The main point for is rather visibility than manageability. Having a page is fine for rarely changing content like commercial support. Still, happy to support as the first stage