Introductions Topic

Hey Everyone,

Lots of forums have an introduction topic where you optionally get to introduce yourself to the community.

Some Ideas:

  • Name you want to go by
  • What about Jenkins gets you excited?
  • If you are a contributor, hat are you working on in the Jenkins community?
  • Background - Jenkins or not
  • Profile links
  • Fun fact(s)

By no means do you have to include everything above, and feel free to include other things! If you want to share feedback about this topic, please use Category or a topic for welcome/intro messages? - #4 by oleg-nenashev!

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Hi. I’m Gavin or halkeye.

Halkeye comes from the fact when I was a teenager in the 90s I was really a huge fan of M.A.S.H. but also a terriable speller. (Both of which are still true).

I’m currently a Senior Software Engineer at Digital Ocean and on the governance board here with Jenkins.

I’ve been working with jenkins since the mid 2000s when I looked into how we could run our perl test suite on every commit. I started to build my own setup when I found Hudson (now Jenkins) and fell in love ever since. I’ve contributed a few minor plugins (markdown-formatter, lighthouse-reporter, the prototype graphql server, and then probably safe to kill html5-notifier). I also spent a year at cloudbees working on blueocean. I also am one of the core maintainer of

You’ll often find me in the jenkins chat channels trying to provide support whenever possible. I’m trying to push hard to make it easy for people to get help when they need it, as well as help out. As such I’m pushing hard with discourse.

Nice to meet all of you.


(Note, you don’t have to do this big, I just really wanted to have the first intro be really detailed).