Welcome to Jenkins Community Discourse

Features I’m excited about:

  • Moderation Tools
    • Moving topics to the right place
  • Choose your own subscription model (Per topic, tag, category, sub category, author, etc)
  • Polls
  • Marking as solved
  • Live update of topics (so you see replies without having to refresh)
  • Many more - Discourse features | Discourse - Civilized Discussion

How can you help?

Or just generally provide some site feedback. We are very new to this, so we probably got categories wrong. We are open to ideas. We want people to get involved and make this a useful space for everyone. We don’t want it a “contributors vs non contributors” but a space that is created for everyone.

As you can hopefully all tell, I’m just really excited about this possibilities.

Special thanks to Discourse to sponsoring this instance, and all the early adopters helping us test things early on.

Gavin / halkeye
Jenkins Governance Board

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Welcome everyone! I hope you will enjoy the new communication channel. We will appreciate any feedback! If you are a newcomer contributor, consider doing a self-introduction in Introductions Topic