Draft: Discourse Annoucement to mailing lists

I actually really don’t know where to put this, I want to avoid Staff and make it very open. Please review @oleg-nenashev and @olblak and anyone else who is signed up now.

BCC: jenkins-users, jenkins-infra, jenkins-dev, jenkins-docs


Introducing Community.jenkins.io (Beta)


TL;DR - New centralized community site - https://community.jenkins.io - please join and try it out.

Hey Everyone,

Gavin Here. I’m excited to announce a new sponsored Discourse server - https://community.jenkins.io, a new centralized communication platform we are trying. Yea yea. I know we have a lot already (All Communication Channels that we are aware of still working on the list), but I’m personally hoping this could potentially work as a new centralized one, and we can start shutting down some of the older ones.

Features I’m excited about:

  • Moderation Tools
    • Moving topics to the right place
  • Choose your own subscription model (Per topic, tag, category, sub category, author, etc)
  • Polls
  • Marking as solved
  • Live update of topics (so you see replies without having to refresh)
  • Many more - Discourse features | Discourse - Civilized Discussion

How can you help?

Or just generally provide some site feedback. We are very new to this, so we probably got categories wrong. We are open to ideas. We want people to get involved and make this a useful space for everyone. We don’t want it a “contributors vs non contributors” but a space that is created for everyone.

As you can hopefully all tell, I’m just really excited about this possibilities. Come join~

Gavin / halkeye
Jenkins Governance Board

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Looks good. I would have written a few bits differently, but it is rather style than a problem

Yea your right, it was a 4am post originally. Taking the weekend to relax I think i like this version better. Its way more positive.

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Looks good for the mail list announcement, thanks @halkeye ! I would also add a paragraph for acknowledgments: thanking again Discourse team for sponsorship and thanking those contributors who participated in the discussion/planning by now.

I would also suggest doing a similar blogpost and wide announcement later. It could be used by Discourse marketing, and it is a win-win IMHO

One thing at a time. I’ll add the thanks of I get time tomorrow then send it out


Okay in my current state I’m not able to really spend much time on this, so I’m going to send it out as is and close the topic so it doesn’t get delayed another week.

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