Goal and purpose of community.jenkins.io regarding other communication tools in Jenkins community

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Thank you for bringing me here, but I must admit that I am a bit lost on the communications tools for Jenkins community. I know that there is a least Gitter and Google group, maybe the Continuous Delivery Foundation Slack too. Is one of other tool going to be close ? Or is it in addition ? When should I use Gitter, when should I use Discourse and when should I Google groups ? What is the best practice ?


Honestly, not sure yet. I’m working on a draft email I had hoped to send out today but got delayed for personal reasons. Right now discourse is in trial mode, which means we essentially see how people like it, if its easier or worse.

I agree though, we have way too many communication channels, too saturated, and too hard to figure out what comes next. Personally I’d hope to see almost everything move to discourse cause I think its super versitile, but we’ll see what happens.

I’ll share the draft on discourse as soon as I have it.


I agree with @halkeye. Discourse is a follow-up to the communication channels consolidation topics we’ve had for years. In theory, it should help us to get rid of many mailing lists, Gitter and IRC channels. At least this is the intent. Discourse is open source (though we use sponsored hosting), and this is our best shot of solving the communication channel sprawl.

Some references to the related devlist discussions about communication channels::

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@ajard Draft: Discourse Annoucement to mailing lists

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