All Communication Channels that we are aware of

Listing out everything we have so people are on the same page for discovery, communication, and …stuff

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Global channels

  • IRC - (Freenode is abandoned)
    • #jenkins
    • #jenkins-infra
    • #jenkins-hosting
    • #jenkins-release
  • Gitter/Matrix - - Gitter , 79 rooms
    • jenkinsci/jenkins
    • jenkinsci/advocacy-and-outreach-sig
    • jenkinsci/configuration-as-code-plugin
    • jenkinsci/docs
    • jenkinsci/docker
    • jenkinsci/platform-sig
    • jenkinsci/gsoc-sig
    • jenkinsci/newcomer-contributors
    • jenkinsci/ux-sig
    • jenkinsci/jenkins-custom-distribution-service
    • … and others
  • Github (Issues, Pull Requests, Wiki)
  • Jira
  • Reddit
    • /r/jenkinsci
  • Stack overflow
  • Confluence/Wiki
  • Google Docs
  • Slack: Chat
    • CDF Slack: Several Jenkins channels, shared GSoC channel, LFX Security adoption
    • Kubernetes Slack: #jenkins-ci channel + Jenkins X channels
    • Jenkins Operator chat in the VirtusLab workspace
  • Mailing Lists: Mailing Lists
    • Infra
    • Dev
    • GSOC
    • Security advisories
    • Docs SIG
    • Cloud Native SIG
    • Advocacy and Outreach SIG
    • ???

Local communication channels


Added a few resources and links

What is currently the “preferred” communication channel ?
Is this the board here ? Or the mailing lists ?

So far I used the mailing lists and only now found by chance this one here.
I like the forum - e.g. because of the box with suggestions on the right here - but OTOH I’m concerned, that this will split the community between too many different channels.

Is there a idea/plan/recommendation about that ?

yea, thats one of my heavy concerns too. We decided to try discourse cause it was new and an option for us and its worked really well for other communities. I think generally the reaction is positive.

I’ve been meaning to do more pushes. I already blasted the various email lists about this once, and want to do it again, but between the heat waves and the vaccine stuff I’ve been super lethargic about sending out another one.

I don’t think There’s any official plan yet, with a community this size its hard to get any sort of strick plan, but I’ll bring it up in the governance meeting tomorrow (all are welcome to join) and very happy to have additional champions who want to help get people moved over.

Does that help? or is it super wishy washy?