Projects Category?

Hey there,

I’m interested in creating a… forum… (avoiding discourse specific terms) to migrate away from the gitter channel for the Jenkins Templating Engine.

I think an entire category dedicated to this might be a bit much.

One thought I had was that we could create a Projects category with tags for JTE, Jenkinsfile-Runner, Pipeline as YAML, etc.

thoughts? alternatives?

So my feeling is in general, if its asking questions about how to use them, it should go under Using Jenkins and if its working on plugins and anything else, it could go under Contributing category.

I think we’ve made too many cateogries that are unused as it is so I’m reluctant to do more until we see things being used.

That being said, looks like majority rule so if others think its a good idea we can set that up too.

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That makes sense to me. It would be helpful to be able to create tags for these projects at least.

As a maintainer for one of those projects, it would really simplify finding questions I ought to respond to.

Tag creation does appear to be restricted though.

it does? shoot, I thought we had it open. I’ll try to get it fixed.

Okay interesting. Default setting for min_trust_to_create_tag is 3: Regular

For now I’ve bumped you up to level 3, so you can create as many tags as you want.

A post was split to a new topic: Who should be able to create new tags?

I think we should create tags in advance and provide a quick description to avoid situation such
“configuration-as-code” vs “jcasc”

I appreciate the help @halkeye! i’ll hold off on creating any tags until a decision is made in the new topic.

okay we dropped new tag requirement for level 2, your upped to level 3 already so go ahead and make an intro post or add a new tag to this post or something, whatever would be useful for you.

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