Who should be able to create new tags?

Looking into who can tag posts with new tags. As an admin I didn’t realize that most people can’t create new tags.

Currently we are at tag creation is level 3 trust (default)

I think we have the default settings for trust so: Understanding Discourse Trust Levels | Blog

0 - Brand new never posted user
1 - Poked around the site for a bit, read 10 min of posts, clicked into a couple of them
2 - probably where most users will land, been around for 15 days, not necessarily consecutative. Posted. Commented. Liked. Etc

  • Level 0
  • Level 1
  • Level 2
  • Level 3 (Current)

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I’m going to leave level 0 in the poll, but I can’t see us allowing level 0 to create tags, use tags yes, but not create them. Open to feedback on changing the creation tag level though.

I think I would keep the default setting, for now, we should create tags in advance and document them in the category description.

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+1 to @olkblak’s idea. His point that users may unintentionally create multiple tags for the same thing is valid and likely outweighs the benefits of users being able to create tags in the first place.

Given that suggestion though, I would recommend we also create and document the process for users to request a new tag.

How difficult is it to merge tags, define synonyms, etc? If it’s easy enough, Level 2 seems fine. Otherwise, Level 3.

I see “level 2” working pretty well on sites like Stack Overflow, but they have lots of moderators too.

According this documentation it seems easy to rename or append tags so I would be in favor of @danielbeck idea to lower the barrier to level 1 for adding new tags

Okay, I’ve set things to level 2 instead of level 3

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