Can new users post links?

Looks like the user posting Plugin update KO after upgrade from 2.277.4 to last version (2.332.2) had real trouble pasting links in the post, probably default Discourse settings are not encouraging new users to post links.

Pretty bad if people want to ask for support…

They can post links, but I believe there are limits (2 per post maybe?) for level 0 users. Its a spam pervention technique.

I don’t think we want to open it up to allow a post full of links, but it can be tweaked. There’s probably discussions out there of what a good number is. Afaik we are still using default trust 0 settings.

From the sounds of Understanding Discourse Trust Levels all they need to do get to level 1 is read some past posts, which I think before asking questions, people should do to confirm they are not asking the same things.

Open to change though.

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