Category for blogs/books discussions?

It would be nice to use Discourse for discussions of blogposts, books about Jenkins and other similar content. It would allow having live discussions and a great feedback channel for our content. LinkedIn and Reddit have been already successful as a discussion venue, we could do the same in our default channel.

For we could even automate creation of threads later. For now it could be a pre-publishing step and a “discussionsTo” metadata

FTR I have also added a label for books: Topics tagged books

So I am +1 for having discourse embedded into blog posts like Community Highlights: 25th edition - Home Assistant does. Looks like its just a simple javascript embed which is easy. The problem is that you need the post created before you can embed comments for it. Which is a bit chicken and egg thing. I was originally thinking we could make each new auto create a post using rss feeds, but I don’t know how we could link them up though.

As for blogs/book discussions. I’m certainly not against it, I think its a bit premature. Maybe its something we put it into “uncategorized” or “using jenkins” or something and see how often it comes up. I still am not sure how we should setup categorization yet.

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Agreed, no objections

The problem is that you need the post created before you can embed comments for it. Which is a bit chicken and egg thing.

Why Chicken&Egg?

  1. Expect authors start a Discourse discussion BEFORE the blogpost is published, as a part of the PR checklist. It might be a natural way to facilitate initial feedback for a draft, actually
  2. Expect authors to add a discussion ID in the blogpost YAML metadata when they submit issues

I will give it a try

I guess its cool that way, I was thinking that the discussion wasn’t a good plan until the post was approved, but there’s no reason that limitation has to be approved, nor that it has to be in some sort of “blogpost” category or anything.

I totally got it wrong anyways, all you need is the blog post permalink - Embedding Discourse Comments via Javascript - developers - Discourse Meta though it could be linked to existing topic id. I’ll see if i can setup a PR

@halkeye my PoC is already in progress :slight_smile: Want to do something except emails and calls, need a break from that

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Created Add support for embedding Discourse discussions in all blogposts and project pages by oleg-nenashev · Pull Request #4424 · jenkins-infra/ · GitHub @halkeye . It does not really close the discussion, will move that to another topic