Embedding discussions in plugins.jenkins.io

Jenkins Wiki had support for comments. It was quite handy for plugins, because users were able to discuss the plugins right inside the page. It was not a good channel for support and issue reporting though…

What if we allow doing the same on https://plugins.jenkins.io/ ?

If @halkeye @timja @zbynek @olblak agree in principle, I will be happy to prototype this integration

No thank you. Plugin site already gets a bunch of tickets open for plugin support. I didn’t like the comments on the wiki and often found them outdated out not useful

Agree with Halkeye, the comments on the wiki were not useful to me, often horribly outdates and were in general support issues and it wasn’t monitored as such.

More appropriate forums should be used, issue tracker or discussion channels

There could be a link pointing to somewhere to create a discussion, but not something like a comment, the information required just wouldn’t be there