Enhancement of Blog page

Is it possible to add a comment section to the blog page on jenkins.io? If so, it would be beneficial to facilitate interactive conversations among the blog post viewers.

What kind of conversation would you have on a blog post, that’s meant to share information only?

The blog is for announcements and sharing information, not to have a chat about what’s shared. That happens here on the community forums.

I thought it might be helpful for users to share their reactions on each blog post. While I initially considered this idea, I agree with your statement, @NotMyFault, that having a chat about the blog may not be very useful. My idea seems to be less practical than I initially thought

There is a facility that allows responses to blog posts. You can see it in action for the end of life operating system blog post. The blog post is:

At the end of that page, there is a button “Continue Discussion”. When the user clicks that button, they are taken to the matching community topic.

That facility relies on blog authors to start a topic on community.jenkins.io

Thank you for the clarification! It’s great to know about the seamless integration between the blog and the community platform.