Create a new category "election" under "community"

Hi Everybody,

I would like to create a new category named “elections” under the category “community”.
This new category will be used to publish election information and discuss all things related to the elections, coming and future.
I am considering using a label containing the year of the election to quickly identify if a specific topic is still relevant for a specific edition.

Any objection or better suggestion?

  • Yes, please create the new category “elections” under “community”
  • No, I may have a better idea

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takes off admin hat
I would like to see some of the content posted before we consider creating a category. Can you start with a label, and see how many individual threads we have? Like I’d like one thread for all candidate, not different threads for each one.

Thanks, @halkeye, it’s a good feedback, which I’ll be following. We can still move discussions around election to a specific category if we need.

I agree with @halkeye. We can just put it under the community for now and pin for higher visibility. Using Discourse for discussions is Okay, but IMHO the key updates should be still sent to the mailing lists as before