Category or a topic for welcome/intro messages?

It would be nice to have a place for others to introduce themselves to the community. Example in Open Source Design: Introductions (come in, say hi) - Design Lounge - Open Source Design

My vote is for now, just use the community category, maybe with a tag of introduction. Then if we get a lot of them, make a seperate category. You can subscribe to tags just as easily as you can categories.

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I was thinking over night and right now I think a topic is better than a full category. Each post moves all older posts further down the list, which means if we have 5 intros we could lose other topics.

As such I started Introductions Topic - #2 by halkeye and if a topic doesn’t work out, we can try a category.

Thanks! Will convert the topic creator to “system” and document it in the welcome topic