Why plugin document not displayed

Hello, I just contribute a plugin to jenkins here: https://github.com/jenkinsci/jobtag-plugin, but the document page in plugin site is not displaying README.md, it shows “Documentation for this plugin is here:”, see https://plugins.jenkins.io/jobtag/#documentation

I have configured url in pom to the github project url, not sure anything I missed?
Appreciate any help!

I believe jobtag-plugin/pom.xml at 4a21e9c115f15f20781f5133821e1c81f6add695 · jenkinsci/jobtag-plugin · GitHub needs to match the jenkinsci GitHub repo.

Then a new release has to be done since pom updates only take effect for new versions

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I see, it was pointing to my private repo, changing to jenkinsci repo fixed it. Thanks! @halkeye