Plugin documentation migration

I’ve followed the steps in How to enable GitHub documentation for your plugin? to have the plugin display documentation from Github instead of the out-dated wiki.
Even if the <url> balise target the Github repository in the pom.xml in controller, the site still display the old documentation.

It has been 4 days now, so the page shouldn’t be displaying the correct documentation ?

What am I missing ?

Link to plugin: Pipeline: Multibranch build strategy extension

The plugin documentation URL is extracted from the pom file of the most recent release of the plugin. If you haven’t delivered a new release of the plugin, then the documentation URL of the plugin will remain on the wiki.

If you apply the developer label to the pull request that modified the documentation URL, then that will generate a new release and 6-12 hours after that release, the page on the plugins site will be updated.

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OK, thanks

I didn’t knew about the developer label

You may need to invoke the GitHub action yourself from the repository.