Documentation office hours - September 8 2023


2023-09-08 (Asia)


  • Mark Waite
  • Kris Stern


  • Meeting canceled next week, DevOps World Tour in New York
  • Google Summer of Code
    • Docker compose for easier and safer tutorials
      • Complete as a project, needs work to deploy and include in the docs
        • Need containers and a repository to host them and jobs to maintain them
        • Need infra team (hope during Hacktoberfest)
    • Versioned documentation for - Vandit Singh
      • Still developing - see the demo site
      • Using Gatsby as the front end and GitHub for review
      • Pull requests arriving, blog post layout arrived this morning
        • Kris updated the column layout
        • On track to complete in a few weeks
      • Still under development for the final layout
      • Antora site now has fixed most of the broken links and the dropdown menus
        • See the navigation that we did
    • GitLab plugin modernization
      • Interactive testing by Mark Waite has been delayed by work
        • Needs more testing, more comparison of old and new behavior
        • See the test outlines that are in the project meeting notes
    • Plugin health score
      • Two blog posts pull requests from Jagruti - one merged, one pending
        • Merged pull request needs changes based on the feedback
      • Progressing towards the end of the project
        • Adrien has returned from holidays
    • Final presentations Sep 14, 2023 - Jenkins Online Meetup
  • How to describe the process of choosing a plugin bill of materials version
    • No progress since last week
      • None expected for 2-4 weeks due to other priorities
    • Described in issue 2359
    • Consider using updatecli to update the version string explicitly in the documentation
    • Consider including static references to older versions in addition to the most recent release
    • Consider adding a blog post that highlights how to do it
  • Java 11, Java 17, and Java 21 discussion (see Google Doc from Mark Waite)
    • Mark has a timeline diagram for discussion with others
    • Discussion, next steps, etc.
    • More work needed, pictures to help explain
    • Mark show his picture (draft form)
  • Adding existing requirements/support policy documentation to System Administration section (new chapter/sections)
    • Diagnosing Kevin’s prototype - debug session