Documentation Office Hours - Aug 31, 2023


2023-08-31 (EU/US)


  • Bruno Verachten
  • Mark Waite


  • Blog posts
  • Google Summer of Code
    • Docker compose for tutorials
      • Nearing the completion of the project
      • Goal to adjust the existing documentation and remove docker in docker from tutorials
      • End of project but not ready to integrate documentation to
        • Needs container repository in Jenkins infra
          • Needs time from the Jenkins infra team to create the repository
        • Hope to complete the work by end of September
      • Five tutorials working with a single command (change the argument to change the tutorial)
        • Run docker compose up -d maven (or python or node or …)
          • Downloads a container that we maintain with current plugin versions and current Jenkins version
          • Running the Jenkins LTS, new plugin versions proposed daily when they arrive
          • Hosted on Ashutosh’s docker repo, needs to move to the Jenkins infra
        • Can’t run multiple tutorials at the same time
          • Must stop the previous tutorial before starting the new tutorial
        • Hope to integrate into website soon
      • Proud of Ashutosh
      • Final presentation will be Sep 14, 10 minutes presentation, 5 minutes question and answer
    • Versioned documentation for Jenkins
      • Vandit continues to progress
      • Project extended a few weeks
      • Moving forward - see the demonstrations in UX SIG and in other sessions
  • How to describe the process of choosing a plugin bill of materials version
    • Described in issue 2359
    • Consider using updatecli to update the version string explicitly in the documentation
    • Consider including static references to older versions in addition to the most recent release
    • Consider adding a blog post that highlights how to do it
  • Java 11, Java 17, and Java 21 discussion (see Google Doc from Mark Waite)
    • Discussion, next steps, etc.
    • More work needed, pictures to help explain
  • Adding existing requirements/support policy documentation to System Administration section (new chapter/sections)
    • Diagnosing Kevin’s prototype - debug session
    • More work needed, but it is looks promising
    • Discussed and refined, will continue
  • Archive the office hours notes (shrink the working document) (done)
  • DevOps World Tour web site needs a blog post (Mark Waite)
    • Sep 13-14 - New York - Mark is speaking
    • Sep 27 - Chicago - Mark is speaking
    • Oct 18-19 - Santa Clara - Mark is speaking
    • Oct 26 - Singapore Olivier Lamy is speaking
    • Nov 29 - London Tim Jacomb is speaking
  • Ashutosh may be attending the Docs Office Hours (Asia) (about 12 hours from now)