Plugin site showing old version of README

Hey all,

the plugin site of our plugin is showing an old version of the GitHub I have released a new version twice, but the plugin site still shows the old version.

I followed the steps outlined in the docs (Plugin Documentation) (i.e. set the SCM URL in the pom.xml to the GitHub URL), but the plugin site doesn’t pull that for some reason. Is there an extra step we need to take?

Would be thankful for any helpful tip :).


The pom.xml file in the root of the repository on the default branch shows that it is still referring to the wiki site for the documentation.

That line needs to be changed. The next release after that line is corrected will update the plugins site.

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any changes to pom.xml need to be released to take effect. The plugin site pulls content from github, but the metadata is pulled from artifactory (and thus needing published)

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:man_facepalming: For some reason I expected the Plugin site to pick up the URL from the SCM section in the pom.xml.

Thanks, that was it! Changed the top-level URL in the pom.xml, released it again, and it has pulled the current README now.