Distortion in jenkins documentation

As far as I read about the documentation, it seems that the github renders the documentation from the README file of the repo and jenkins uses the same README file as reference for displaying the documentation. But I saw issue in one of the documenatation of the repo where it is rendering correctly in github but not in our plugins jenkins page. Github Repo: GitHub - jenkinsci/uipath-automation-package-plugin: A Jenkins plugin for packaging UiPath project and deploying it to UiPath Orchestrator
Jenkins Plugins Page: https://plugins.jenkins.io/uipath-automation-package

I tried rendering the same page in intellij but seems that it is rendering correctly. What could be the reason for this? Is the issue related to jenkins page rendering the github page or with the github?
Any help would be appreciated !

Hi @buggynap thanks for reporting this.

Current version of the jenkins plugin site uses a legacy backend service called plugin-site-api, which pulls the readme data from a repo via github readme API which returns HTML. Sadly that HTML needs very specific CSS and stuff.

I’m working on getting the plugin site to process the markdown locally, which will mean better HTML and CSS support. Right now I’ve only gotten any plugin that mentions a markdown blob (ex sonar-quality-gates-plugin/pom.xml at f8f228ddaa2e4fbe0dc05f8d628d2c65df6125ac · jenkinsci/sonar-quality-gates-plugin · GitHub) but in the next few weeks I should expand it to the “just the repo” url pattern.

tl;dr - :crossed_fingers: it’ll be improved soon.

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Thanks @halkeye for reply. So, can we assume that the distorted documentation will be auto corrected once your change is live (“just the repo” pattern change) or is there any specific process that we need to follow?

In theory you should be good. I haven’t tested table output yet. I’ll see if I get a minute this week to hack my local copy to parse your file and see what the output looks like and update this thread.

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okay, quick hacky trial:

looks like its improved, but not perfect

Then I tried adding bootstrap class of table, table-bordered, and table-responsive

So no promises, but there should be improvements when I migrate everything to local markdown parsing.

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Thanks @halkeye for update and keeping track of this :slight_smile: Hope to see the change live!

Wrap plugin content tables in bootstrap classes by halkeye · Pull Request #939 · jenkins-infra/plugin-site · GitHub is my first pass

still have more cleanups to do.

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I can see the documentation is fixed :slight_smile: Thanks a lot, really appreciate for actively taking this up.
Happy Christmas :christmas_tree:

I make no promises it’ll stay like this as we have like 2000 pages, but from my poking around it seems not to have broken anything yet.