Documentation Office Hours - Aug 24, 2023


2023-08-24 (EU/US)


  • Kevin Martens
  • Kris Stern
  • Bruno Verachten
  • Vandit Singh
  • Mark Waite


  • Blog posts
  • LTS 2.414.1 released yesterday
  • How to describe the process of choosing a plugin bill of materials version
    • Described in issue 2359
    • Consider using updatecli to update the version string explicitly
    • Consider including static references to older versions in addition to the most recent release
    • Consider adding a blog post that highlights how to do it
  • Java 11, Java 17, and Java 21 discussion (see Google Doc from Mark Waite)
    • Discussion, next steps, etc.
    • More work needed, pictures to help explain
  • Google Summer of Code
    • Versioned doc site demo from Kris Stern
    • Projects reaching the home stretch, putting together retrospective blog posts
  • Adding existing requirements/support policy documentation to System Administration section (new chapter/sections)
    • Currently, support policy docs are linked in the installation guides and are searchable, but not necessarily in a section in the navigation.
    • Similarly for the Java requirements & Java upgrade docs
    • Support policy could function like “Reverse proxy configurations” with collapsible navigation
    • Meg suggested “Platform Information” as a name for the section, Kris agrees that’s a good name for the section
    • After installing, it is less likely that users would return to the installation docs
      • At this point, I have gotten the pages/book/chapter working in a local clone, redirects for the existing links/docs, and things seem to be working properly for the most part.
      • Still need to get index page working, and making sure that it is shown on the navigation/overview
      • Pushed changes to my repo, trying to determine what is causing the issue.
  • - command line evaluation of prose
    • Mentioned by Gavin Mogan that he’s using at his office
    • Mentioned by Darin Pope as interesting as well
  • DevOps World Tour web site
    • Sep 13-14 - New York - Mark is speaking
    • Sep 27 - Chicago - Mark is speaking
    • Oct 18-19 - Santa Clara - Mark is speaking
    • Oct 26 - Singapore Olivier Lamy is speaking
    • Nov 29 - London Tim Jacomb is speaking