Documentation Office Hours - May 25, 2023


2023-05-25 (EU/US)


  • Mark Waite
  • Bruno Verachten


  • Internationalization and localization pull request from JE-Chen
  • Using updatecli on
    • For documentation content pull requests
    • Very positive way to explicitly manage versions in the documentation
      • When we have versioned documentation, the old versions will show the tool version that was used at the time of the releas
  • 2.401.1 changelog and upgrade guide is due by end of this week
    • Mark complete it
    • Bruno to review it once the pull request
  • Kevin Martens unavailable until June 12
    • Documentation transition from Java 11 to Java 17 delayed
      • Debian 12 release is estimated for late June
    • Pull request reviews covered by others in his absence
    • Mark Waite handle weekly changelogs
    • Mark Waite handle 2.401.1 changelog and upgrade guide (released May 31, 2023)
  • May Newsletter needs submissions
  • Documentation transition from Java 11 to Java 17
    • Ticket describes changes that are needed
    • First Pull request is delayed while Kevin is unavailable
    • Volunteers are welcome to contribute
  • Google Summer of Code - community bonding period is in progress
  • End of life notifications in Jenkins core
    • Mark merged the pull request, will be in Jenkins 2.407 and in Jenkins 2.413.1
    • Needs a blog post
    • Should we have a dedicated page for the operating system redirect?
  • Early end of life for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 (and derivatives) in the Jenkins project
    • Message sent to Jenkins developer list
      • No negative responses
    • Steven Vaughn-Nichols article noted other projects are dropping support
    • Base container image unmaintained since 2020
    • Jenkins RPM installer with systemd not supported and not tested on CentOS 7
    • Ancient versions of command line git and ssh complicate plugin code
    • Next LTS baseline will include the change (August, 2.413.1…)
  • Pipeline steps reference was damaged on
    • Looking for someone willing to diagnose and repair the issue
      • Details on how to duplicate it are in the pull requests linked from the help desk ticket
    • Low risk, tests defend us